'Civilisation' of the EU. A way for the EU to do more for world peace?


'Civilsation of the EU' analyses both the European Union’s civilian peace operations, as well as its military ones and advocates strongly in favor of the former.
    The study is part of a project, initiated by Cogito, whose objective is to describe and analyze the civilian dimension to EU peace operations, since the establishment of the Union. The study was carried out by the Green European Foundation, and was prompted by the need to examine more closely the fact that EU policies on peace, security and conflict management contain both civilian and military dimensions while the civilian dimension often lacks a holistic approach and tends to be narrow in relation to its actual performance.
    The emphasis in the study is thus on the civilian aspects: their status, impact, and possibilities for development. 

 Available for free download here

‘Civlisation of the EU. A way for the EU to do more for world peace?
Carin Berg. Executive summary by Per Gahrton.
Cogito/GEF 2009
63 pages
ISSN: 1653-2783

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