Seminar: Green welfare policies – on privatisation, state monopolies and the third sector


Welcome to the launch of the new GEF report: ”A third sector in welfare – green responses to privatisation of welfare services across Europe”, with support of Cogito, Fundacion Equo and Ecopolis.

When: Thursday November 20, 18.00h – 20.00h 
Where: Pustegränd 1-3, 118 20 Stockholm

Green European Foundation and Cogito will present the report ”A third sector in welfare”, authored in collaboration with green think tanks in Spain, Hungary and Belgium. The report provides an overview of the policies of several European Green parties regarding privatisation of public education and welfare services. The report also provides an overview of these parties positions regarding public and private operators in the welfare sector, both profit making companies and non-profit foundations. 

Green parties in five countries – England, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Sweden – have presented an overview of the political situation in their countries and described their positions and actions regarding dergeulation and privatisation of the public welfare sector. Is there a connection between the policies on these issues and green ideology in general? What kind of of policies and motions have been launched, discussed, proposed in different countries by green parties? 

With comments from members of the swedish green party, Miljöpartiet, we will discuss the wave of privatisation across Europe, the green line in welfare politics and how we can support and strenghten the third sector in welfare in Sweden today. 

KARL PALMÅS and FRIDA JOHNSSON, main authors, Cogito (Sweden)
REYES MONTIEL, main author, Fundacion Equo (Spain)
ERZSEBET GERGELY, main author, Ecopolis (Hungary) 

With comments from: PATRIK WALDENSTRÖM, director idéburen skola, NILS HILLERBRAND, councillor Linköping (mp) and JANINE ALM ERICSON, spokesperson for economic policy (mp).

Moderation: ANNIKA HJELM, Cogito.

The seminar will be held in english. Light refreshments will be served. 

Please register at: 


Facebook event

Read and download the report here:

The seminar is part of a European seminar series carried out by Green European Foundation with support of Ecopolis, Cogito and Fundacion Equo. For more information:  

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The break season will be upon us and most pet lovers are commencing to make its travel blueprints. Pet owners know the way stressful holidays is often for dogs whether you actually travel along or go away them at your house. However you actually travel this year, it is critical to prevent your pet relaxed, safe plus secure.

You cannot find any dearth with travel buffs in China. Most American native travelers have a preference for international destinations for it to cost their trips. In vengeance of higher awareness about travel cover policies, most people today shy from the buying travel cover plans because of the lack with understanding for the benefits involving travel includes.

Eat medium. These not one but two words signify everything to get diabetics. Not it's well known that Diabetes is definitely second to your major diseases on the earth, next so that you can Cancer. As overall health authorities as well as power with science is constantly on the address the following health situation, Dieters as well knows ways to limit the quality of sucrose for their body.

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The Leopard, also known to be the a lot of beautiful between the Cats has become the most dug animal by way of tourists. People go thousand with miles to consult with places for instance Africa the choices watch a Leopard out of its All-natural Habitat.

We're generally not much of a great believer around Chinese treatment, but I have to admit I find Chinese pure skin care can often be rather appealing. If you consider Western locations are enslaved skin maintenance systems and treatment options, you have never seen nearly anything yet.

Sandra Bussin were raised just north of your Beaches, in the vicinity of Woodbine plus Danforth, while in the Dawes Roads area. It had been the vicinity was primarily Scottish, Irish plus English. She attended the smallest primary education: Coleman Ave Public Education, a 6 home school dwelling which functioned for a hospital for the duration of WWII.

If you've ever worn design jewelry before in which case you probably realise that the least difficult pieces could be the best wanting ones. You will discover numerous of types of jewelry that girls wear everyday to use in or change the look of them. However, some gals wear a lot jewelry plus wear types that clash with one another.

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Fashion employment are perhaps several of the more extravagant professions to the face of your planet. Further glitzy than in the a world packed with bright devices, beautiful people today, maximum touch coverage like television plus print, plus an devoted public?

Are you other possible people who definitely have found ourselves facing extra debts as compared with you have learned to handle? This gets progressively more common in the modern "Got to acquire it AT THIS MOMENT! " community and we find themselves finding our-self facing extra debts as compared with we sometimes know the direction to go with... or coping with.

You are considering implementing the work continuity management/BS 25999-2 ordinary? But in which case you hear it will cost you considerably? It probably costs you, but not always about you assumed - this you may solve by using good business enterprise continuity system.

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Most with Houston is situated in Harris District, but you'll find it has expanded so parts than me are around Fort Move County plus Montgomery District. It has become the main places in Florida and among the list of fastest-growing cities in britain.

Sony Ericsson includes just published a mobile called a Aino which may sync wirelessly which includes a PS3. I am confused if it is a first mobile to go to a online game console, but whether it's, then this is the long time frame coming.

January calls for us absolutely into the winter season "indoor living" where air is often far extra stagnant plus polluted as compared with outdoors, the fact is from 5 so that you can 20 so that you can even 100 % worse, while using EPA. Our aim at Indoor heath care treatment Network will be to create much better indoors for yourself at dwelling, and on the job, and slow up the indoor culprits this cause ailment.

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