Seminar: Green welfare policies – on privatisation, state monopolies and the third sector


Welcome to the launch of the new GEF report: ”A third sector in welfare – green responses to privatisation of welfare services across Europe”, with support of Cogito, Fundacion Equo and Ecopolis.

When: Thursday November 20, 18.00h – 20.00h 
Where: Pustegränd 1-3, 118 20 Stockholm

Green European Foundation and Cogito will present the report ”A third sector in welfare”, authored in collaboration with green think tanks in Spain, Hungary and Belgium. The report provides an overview of the policies of several European Green parties regarding privatisation of public education and welfare services. The report also provides an overview of these parties positions regarding public and private operators in the welfare sector, both profit making companies and non-profit foundations. 

Green parties in five countries – England, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Sweden – have presented an overview of the political situation in their countries and described their positions and actions regarding dergeulation and privatisation of the public welfare sector. Is there a connection between the policies on these issues and green ideology in general? What kind of of policies and motions have been launched, discussed, proposed in different countries by green parties? 

With comments from members of the swedish green party, Miljöpartiet, we will discuss the wave of privatisation across Europe, the green line in welfare politics and how we can support and strenghten the third sector in welfare in Sweden today. 

KARL PALMÅS and FRIDA JOHNSSON, main authors, Cogito (Sweden)
REYES MONTIEL, main author, Fundacion Equo (Spain)
ERZSEBET GERGELY, main author, Ecopolis (Hungary) 

With comments from: PATRIK WALDENSTRÖM, director idéburen skola, NILS HILLERBRAND, councillor Linköping (mp) and JANINE ALM ERICSON, spokesperson for economic policy (mp).

Moderation: ANNIKA HJELM, Cogito.

The seminar will be held in english. Light refreshments will be served. 

Please register at: 


Facebook event

Read and download the report here:

The seminar is part of a European seminar series carried out by Green European Foundation with support of Ecopolis, Cogito and Fundacion Equo. For more information:  

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