'Civilisation' of the EU. A way for the EU to do more for world peace?


'Civilsation of the EU' analyses both the European Union’s civilian peace operations, as well as its military ones and advocates strongly in favor of the former.
    The study is part of a project, initiated by Cogito,...

Just Environments. Politicising Sustainable Urban Development.


European cities are becoming increasingly multicultural and diverse in terms of lifestyles and socioeconomic conditions. However, in planning for sustainable urban development, implications of this increased diversity and possibly conflicting perspectives are seldom considered. This thesis...

Green Ideology and its Relation to Modernity. Including a Case Study of the Green Party of Sweden.


This study seeks to disclose some of the scientific and philosophical ideas that inform the green movement and its ideology. These ideas, like the groups that have been attracted to the movement, are seemingly heterogeneous.
    This is one reason why attaining a...

Is There a Need for a Green Ideology?


Is there a need for a green Ideology? The aim of this book is to trigger a discussion about the basics of Green thinking and how to safeguard the Green Global Movement against the traps of power, while at the same time increasing such Green power that is needed for the survival of mankind...

Marléne Tamlin

Marléne Tamlin

Christer Sanne

Christer Sanne
Lotta Hedström

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